Coil Selection Software


Fully configurable coil selection and rating software.

  • Fully configurable coil selection and rating software
  • Fluid heating and cooling, evaporator, condenser and steam coils
  • Metric or Imperial inputs
  • Configured with fundamental design data, including tube size and pattern, fin designs, heat transfer coefficients
  • Simple to add new coil designs and configurations (unlimited), databases can be set up to accommodate management system
  • Detailed costing logic, which covers every aspect of the manufacturing process (includes a quick price feature)
  • Pricing factors with full quote summary sheet including shipping costs where applicable
  • Can be incorporated into third party selection software (including online applications)

  • Full psychrometric validation
  • Theoretical cooling curves
  • Saved project files
  • HTML outputs
  • XML outputs
  • Customisable PDF document
  • Detailed customer drawings