Standard Visual AHU


Our standard Visual AHU software utilises customisable databases to quickly select and create standard units. Several upgrades exist including upgrade to our Visual AHU Manufacturing software , Autodesk Inventor integration, Autodesk Revit integration and obtaining EUROVENT certification. View Product for more details.

  • Unique data entry module (customisable databases)
  • Inline, double deck, side by side and U shape units
  • Template unit creation for quick selection
  • User definable component defaults
  • Unique 3D visualisation
  • Easy to use drag and drop for positioning components
  • Dampers, inlets and outlets can be resized and moved
  • Automatic sectioning depending on profile length
  • Join / split a section at any location
  • All sections can be resized
  • Manual components can be added into the existing selection
  • Symbol insertion for special/non-standard components
  • Manual panel override for non-standard designs
  • Multilingual / multi units (metric/imperial)
  • Project management system
  • Additional supplier's blackboxes can be incorporated
  • The software calculates performance, cost, weight, length and air pressure drop for each component
  • EU standard version of software design meets EUROVENT certification requirements
  • Scaled, dimensioned AutoCAD GA drawings (DWG)
  • Cabinetry BOM (inquire for more details)
  • Panel cutting list
  • Costing breakdown - materials, labour times
  • Weight Breakdown sheet for insertion into customer drawings
  • Performance/Technical specification
  • Scope of supply (PDF)
  • Quotation and cover letter (PDF)
  • Fan curves (PDF)
  • Psychrometric charts
  • Sketch (PDF) (DWG)

Our Visual AHU software has helped customers from all over the world to get Eurovent certification. We understand the importance of this certification to an Air Handling Unit business and work hard to achieve it. If you would like more information on our software and Eurovent please contact us for further details.

As an authorised Autodesk Developer we have the ability to seamlessly integrate a unit created in our Visual AHU software into Autodesk Inventor or Autodesk Revit. This process helps facilitate the creation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) models.