FCU Selection Software


Fully configurable fan coil unit software

  • Fully configurable fan coil unit selection software
  • Flexible database allows for easy configuration of:
    • 6 unit ranges
    • 10 models per range
    • 5 speeds per model
    • 9 external resistances per model
    • 10 main costs and 10 labour costs per model
    • 10 unit option costs and labour costs per model
    • 5 control manufacturers
    • 10 option costs and labour costs per manufacturer, common for all ranges
    • 5 control option costs and labour costs, common for all ranges
  • The database can be extended upon request
  • Dedicated configurable coil selection dll for accurate coil calculations. Water coils are standard, DX or electric coils upon request.
  • Option for imperial or metric units
  • Automatic price list generator to create a unique pricelist based upon the options and range you require
  • Maximum performance calculation generator for a range based upon your entering air conditions, external resistance and maximum noise level. An invaluable pre selection tool for designers
  • Unit quick selection module. Enter 6 items of data in a spreadsheet for each unit. Selects a unit per second based upon your client's parameters. Change water, air, control and unit parameters at will and reselect based upon the same spreadsheet
  • Unit standard selection module to add units to a quick selection or for a small quantity of units
  • Fully configurable project summary screen to change unit handings, references, quantities etc. at will
  • Internal costing sheet giving detailed cost breakdowns for each unit selected
  • Full quotation printout with summary prices, unit and control valve schedules
  • Configurable for your specifications
  • Saved project files
  • HTML technical specification outputs
  • XML outputs
  • Detailed Fancoil drawing (DWG)

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H&C Coils


UV Resources


Fläkt Woods

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Nailor - USA


Colman Moducel - UK

ETA - India

Efatar - China

Elite - Malaysia

Cooke Industries - New Zealand

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